Meet Artist and Entrepreneur Amir Tashakor from Iran, Making waves in the Digital Marketing world with Hash-Tag

Amir Tashakor)We are living in the Digital World, and people who are using the digital route today are most successful in the 21st century.

Today in our list of best digital marketing experts we have Amir Tashakor who is a renowned personality in Iran and one of the biggest names when it comes to content marketing, digital marketing and social media giant.

Amir Tashakor is an inspirational personality who comes from Iran born on 4th of July 1982 comes from an artistic family and joining a totally different field is an exciting story.

His brother Behnam is a big name in the theatre world, cinema and also television. His other brother Behrouz too is an Iranian TV Presenter. 

Coming to Amir Tashakor digital journey, it started in 2014 when he started a company named ‘Media Hash-Tag’ Program. Today in six years he has worked with many famous names of Iran.

He has helped many achieve their goals in life with his sound digital content marketing and digital marketing.

Amir’s Hash-Tag Media is quite popular in Iran; his company has changed many things in Iran. Amir has given a new way to people who were totally unaware of digital marketing power.

He is a path setter in Iran who first took the initiative to learn what is digital marketing, and now he is helping many under with his company.

Amir Tashakor

His effective marketing strategies have worked for all the companies around and individuals too.

He has given organic growth with his work. Amir Tashakor’s startup is the most talked about a startup in Iran right now as he is able to drive a lot of attention with his perfect digital marketing skills.

Two years back in 2018, Amir Tashakor held a digital marketing workshop in Iran, Turkey and the UAE where a large number of digital geeks appreciated his work and seminars.

He is currently Iran’s best teaching professor in terms of Technology and digital marketing.

Amir Tashakor is also a prominent name on social media platforms with a massive fan following on Instagram, Facebook and all.

He gives specialised training with these social media platforms to people who are eager to learn new things. Amir Tashakor has more than 1million followers. Wow! That’s quite a big family.

Nowadays, he is managing social media workshops in various countries to share his views on the latest Technology.

With his Hash-tag Media, this entrepreneur artist Amir Tashakor is also involved in many dramas and television series.

This guy is a genius, and we feel he is going to make many changes in the digital world, especially in Iran. Here’s wishing the rising talent of Iran Amir Tashakor all the best for his future ventures.

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